Property valuation

You want to put your house up for sale, have just bought a house or have renovated a part. Whatever your reason, you want to know the value of your home. Then it is time for a property appraisal. This is what we at HappyBrokers help with. Our appraiser determines the market value of your home. He does this professionally based on the house itself and the local housing market. Our appraiser then draws up a valuation report in which he substantiates the value. For a certified appraiser you’ve come to the right place!

What do you pay attention to when valuing your home

The most common reason to have your house appraised is because your home goes on sale . It is an exciting process where you want the right price for your home. An appropriate amount is where a valuation helps. The appraiser visits the house and pays attention to a number of factors such as the state of maintenance, the location of the house with the view and any nuisance from the adjacent road, the degree of energy efficiency and the living area. The market situation is of course also an important factor. Based on these aspects, an appraiser determines your home value.

When to have your house valued?

There are several reasons why a home valuation comes in handy. This is not only when you are going to sell your house and want to buy another house . For example, have you been in your house for a while? Then it can be smart to call an appraiser to determine whether your home has become worth more. This is certainly a good idea if you have a mortgage without a National Mortgage Guarantee. If your home has increased in value and you can demonstrate this, you may end up in a lower rate group. Which means you have to pay a lower interest.

Do you want to have your home appraised by a broker with experience?

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