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Home purchase

When buying a house there are many things that you as a seller often do not know about. We at Happybrokers are happy to take care of everything for you and look for a suitable home based on your personal wishes.

What can we do for you?

  • We make an inventory of what you are looking for and with these wishes we look for the best home for you.
  • We make contact with the sellers for you and go with you to view.
  • When viewing, we already look at the condition of the house and will also give advice about this.
  • Your purchasing agent will advise you on the opening offer and will take care of the negotiations about the property. We go to great lengths to have the most competitive price and most favorable conditions for you.
  • The purchase agreement is carefully checked by us, so that we can be sure that all agreements have been properly recorded and that you can sign the purchase deed without any worries.
  • When the property is transferred, your personal broker will be present to ensure that the property is delivered as agreed. After the inspection you will go to the notary and you will then be the owner of your new home!
  • If desired, we can also engage a mortgage advisor for you.

Do you need help buying your dream home?

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