We help you rent, sell or buy a home in the Netherlands.

Are you looking for a home in the Netherlands?  Then Happybrokers can help you with that.


House sale

Selling your home is often a complicated process that involves many rules and laws. We are happy to help you to make the process easier and faster for you. With our knowledge and experience we sell your house with ease.

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Home purchase

Do you want to take the step and buy your dream home? It is an important step in your life where you can use an expert. We at Happybrokers are happy to guide you through the entire process of buying a house. We are there for you from A to Z.

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Apply for a mortgage

Applying for a mortgage is one of the least fun steps, but we at Happybrokers make it an easier process for you. Our experienced advisors help you make the choice for your mortgage.

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Happybrokers Amsterdam

HappyBrokers your real estate agent in the Netherlands

In our work we are in daily contact with people. Everyone has different wishes. Our task as your broker in the Netherlands is to realize your wishes. Whether you are looking for a new home or a buyer , we are there for you. We believe that transparency is extremely important. We ensure that you know what to expect, we guide you through the entire process and only stop when you are satisfied. With our approach we help people in the housing market. We have already made many people happy with the right advice, the best approach and the most personal approach. Are you next?

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HappyBrokers broker

The most complete internetbroker in the Netherlands

HappyBrokers is your partner in the housing market. We help you sell your house, but also buy your new home.  With our years of experience as a broker in the Netherlands, we know the housing market well. In the search for your ideal home or buyer, we always take your interests into account. To realize your wishes, we guide you through the entire process. That is why we also help you with the valuation of your home and with applying for your mortgage. So we deliver the complete package. It’s that easy. Get in touch with us and discover the power of HappyBrokers.

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