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Apply for a mortgage

Applying for a mortgage is part of the process of a buying house . It is often the least fun step to take. We understand that at HappyBrokers. Unfortunately, we cannot make this step more fun, but we do make the process easier for you. Our experienced advisors help you make the choice for your mortgage. We support you during the process, prepare documents and prepare you well. This allows the process to be started quickly and you will soon be buying your dream home!

The length of time to apply for a mortgage

Applying for a mortgage takes time. This is because there are three phases that you have to go through for the application. Ultimately, this often takes four to eight weeks. Good preparation can often speed up this process somewhat. It is therefore also important to have already arranged the correct documents for the application. Our advisors can help you with this. Are you curious about how the phases go?

This is how applying for a mortgage works

The first phase focuses on orientation. Here you look for the mortgage adviser that suits you. This is important because he or she guides you through the process. Do you think it is important to see them in person or is online an option for you? Have you selected an advisor? Then you have an introductory meeting. Bring your income details and an overview of your loans and any student debt with you for this meeting. The advisor uses this to see whether you are eligible for a mortgage and the maximum amount. The advisor also explains what to expect during the mortgage application process.

The documents you need for your mortgage application

The next phase is the actual application for the mortgage. You do this as soon as the sellers agree with your offer. The mortgage adviser will discuss your financial situation with you. During this interview you bring the following documents with you:

The last step of applying for a mortgage

After the second phase, your advisor will request a quote from the mortgage lender of your choice. You usually get two weeks to agree to this quote. This third phase is therefore all about taking out your mortgage. If you agree with the quotation, it is up to you to send a number of other documents, namely a bank statement, final renovation specification and valuation report </ a>. With these documents you prove that you can repay the mortgage. The mortgage lender needs at least two weeks to review these documents. Is this a deal? Then the last step is the mortgage deed, which is drawn up by the notary. When the property is transferred, you sign this deed and the mortgage is completed!