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What is the process of renting a home?

  1. We make an appointment for a no-obligation telephone introductory meeting. We will discuss with you your wishes for looking for a home and what our costs are.
  2. If you agree, register via our site, this is the OTD (service order).
  3. After the order has been placed, we will look for suitable homes that meet your wishes. Once we have found a home, viewings will follow, this can be done via video calling or physically, as long as you are able to come.
  4. If you like the property, we will send a proposal to the renting party.
  5. If all parties agree, a rental agreement will be drawn up. We will always check the rental agreement and if an English translation is required, we will take care of this if it is not provided.
  6. After signing the rental agreement, the check-in follows, where we will be present and check the property with you and this will be recorded by the renting party in a check-in form.
  7. At check-in, the meter readings will be taken and you will receive the key to the house

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Necessary documents:

  • Current address and contact details
  • Valid proof of identity (passport or ID card)
  • Employer details (Name, position, contact person with contact details, type of employment)
  • Guarantor yes/no
  • Pay slips from the past 3 months

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